Charles Joseph Sulewski



A few weeks ago I was contacted by Mr. Ken Sulewski, son of our Past Master Charles Sulewski. In our archives there is very little information about Brother Sulewski: He was raised on May 5, 1944 and was elected Worshipful Master of Kosciuszko Lodge five years later.

Mr. Ken Sulewski was surfing the Internet looking for his ancestors, and found some information about his father on our webpage. I asked him if he could write a short biographical note about his father and if any Masonic memorabilia related to his father were in his family possession. Mr. Sulewski responded to my letter and sent me a photo of W..Charles Sulewski, a photo of his Past Master apron, and a short note about his life.



Charles Sulewski at the age of 90


Past Master Apron from 1951




Charles Joseph Sulewski was born at home in New York City on September 12, 1913. However, his birth was recorded on September 15 and he always got a chuckle celebrating two birthdays every year. He was 92 years old when he died at Hospice House, Woodside on October 31, 2005.


His father died when he was 5 years old and he consequently started working at an early age to help support the family. He worked in stables, cleaning and feeding horses, and as a newspaper boy running up and down numerous flights of stairs to deliver papers. At age 15 he started working for AT&T as a messenger, working his way up the corporate ladder, retiring 44 years later as a communication engineer.

Charles met Jean when he was 16 and they married in 1936. He studied electrical engineering at night at Brooklyn Polytechnic University. Charles joined the Masons and worked his way through the chairs to become Master of the Kosciuszko Lodge in 1950. He was commissioner in the Boy Scouts while Chuck and Ken were active troop members.

Jean and Charles lived in the Bronx, Queens and Nassau County. Upon his retirement in 1971 they moved to St. Pete Beach where they found their Fountain of Youth.

He is survived by his sons Chuck and Ken, grandchildren Heather, Dawn, Kelly and Brad, and great-grandchildren Connor, Darby, Lance, Sammy, Jessica, Anthony and Ryan.

Charles and Jean were inseparable and the most compatible of couples. While he died of health complications in his final 3 weeks, we all know he left this Good Earth with a broken heart, longing to be with Jean, his wife and soul mate.


Ken Sulewski


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