On May 2nd, 2022, at the 204th annual communication of the Grand Lodge, one of our Kosciuszko Lodge members - Ill. Peter J. Samiec, 33 Degree Mason and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, became a recipient of the most prestigious award which can be bestowed by the Grand Lodge of New York. The Distinguished Achievement Award was presented to him by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Richard J. Kessler, and the Most Worshipful Vincent Libone presented his Masonic curriculum vitae.



Ill. Peter J. Samiec 33° was the main speaker at the Grand Master’s Dinner at the Russos’s on the Bay in Queens, New York.




On October 7, 2021, the Shakespeare Lodge No. 750 and the Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 held a homecoming of the Right Worshipful Christopher Winnicki, Past District Deputy Grand Master of the First Manhattan District. Homecoming is a special celebration of a Grand Lodge officer who recently finished his services and is returning to his “Mother” lodge. In fulfillment with the masonic tradition, and in recognition of Brother Winnicki, Masters of both Lodges hosted this event, which was held in a beautiful Colonial Room. R.·.W.·.Winnicki returned from his Grand Lodge duties as the District Deputy of Grand Master of the First Manhattan District, the service that he began in 2018 when he was appointed by the Most Worshipful William M. Sardone, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. R.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki served as the Master of the Shakespeare Lodge in 2005-2006. He also served as a secretary of the Kosciuszko Lodge for 11 years. In recognition of his services to both lodges his homecoming was held jointly and open to the public so that invited non-Mason guests could also attend. R.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki is only the second member of the Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 who was appointed to the position of the District Deputy Grand Master. R.·.W.·. Thaddeus Ziembinski , member of Kosciuszko Lodge was appointed to that office in 1952. The Homecoming of R.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki on October 7, 2021 was attended by many Grand Lodge officers, brothers, ladies, and guests. The R.·.W.·. Samuel Lloyd Kinsey was the Master of Ceremony. Many esteemed Brothers attended the event and gave brevities including The Grand Master, William M. Sardone. After the official ceremony, all participants enjoyed delicious food, with some special Polish dishes, and great conversations over good wine and Polish vodka.


From left to right: R:.W:. Christopher Winnicki, M:.W:. William M. Sardone, Grand Chaplain R:.W:. Stenrick Adams and R:.W:. Samuel L. Kinsey



R:.W:. Christopher Winnicki and M:.W:. William M. Sardone



R:.W:. Christopher Winnicki, his wife and M:.W:. William Sardone



R:.W:. Christopher Winnicki was presented with his Past District Deputy Grand Master Jewel by Worshipful Michael Dervin of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085. Brother Waldemar Polak made this jewel.




On June 16, 2021 Kosciuszko Lodge held the ceremony of installation for its officers. Installing Master of that evening was the District Deputy Grand Master of the First Manhattan District, our own R.·.W.·. Chris Winnicki with help from R.·.W.·. Samuel Kinsey.


Standing from the left: Senior Warden Al Urbanski, Worshipful Master Michael Dervin and Junior Warden Eric Zaremski




On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, the Kosciuszko Lodge held a historical and special meeting. In the Colonial Room, on the 10th floor of the Grand Lodge building at 71 W 23rd Street in Manhattan, Brothers of the Kosciuszko Lodge hosted a delegation from Pi Lodge No. 12, National Grand Lodge of Poland. At this historical event, Past Master of Pi Lodge No. 12 Worshipful Cezary Filipowicz became officially affiliated with Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085, and Very Worshipful Brother Derrick Komorowski became affiliated with Pi Lodge No. 12. For the first time in the histories of the National Grand Lodge of Poland and Grand Lodge of New York, a member from Grand Lodge of New York joined the Polish Grand Lodge, and a member of the National Grand Lodge of Poland became a member of the Grand Lodge of New York.

During this special gathering, Brother Cezary Filipowicz was presented with a white and red sash. The ceremony of presenting new members of Kosciuszko Lodge with white and red sashes was started by Past Master Brother Michael Dervin. This beautiful ceremony is now included in our rituals. The next day, the delegation from Poland visited Shakespeare Lodge No. 750.

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 marched in the Pulaski Day Parade. They were joined by the Brethren of Pi Lodge No. 12 from Warsaw, members of Justice Lodge No. 753 and Kane Lodge No. 454. The Kosciuszko Lodge has participated in this parade since the early 1960s. Before the start of the parade, a group of Brethren from the Kosciuszko and Pi Lodges attended the Pulaski Parade Breakfast at the 3 West Club, as organized by the Parade Committee.



Here are some pictures commemorating these events


Bro. Cezary Filipowicz and Bro. Dariusz Komorowski during ceremony of presentation of white and red sash.



Ceremony of the sash presentation: from the right - Michael Dervin; Worshipful Master Robert Castellano; Sandy Quinones and Janusz Krajnik.



Presenting the sash.



Group picture after Lodge meeting



Bro. Dariusz Komorowski with the Grand Marshal of the Pulaski Day Parade.



Kosciuszko Lodge marching along the Fifth Avenue.



Pi Lodge nr 12



We are marching.



Bro. Komorowski in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral



Fraternizing after parade. From the right: Cezary Filipowicz and Michael Jachimczyk. From the left: Michael Dervin, Krzysztof Winnicki and Tomasz Jurewicz.




On June 19, 2019 Kosciuszko Lodge held the ceremony of installation for its officers, who were duly elected and appointed for the ensuing year. Installing Master of that evening was the District Deputy Grand Master of the First Manhattan District, our own R.·.W.·. Chris Winnicki.


From the left: Senior Warden Michael Dervin, Worshipful Master Robert Castellano and Junior Warden Armen Arsenyan




On Monday, October 22, 2018 our Brother the Right Worshipful Christopher Winnicki - District Deputy Grand Master of the First Manhattan District - was re-presented with commission, apron and jewel of his office. Almost two hundred Brothers from the First Manhattan District and Grand Lodge officers joined Kosciuszko Brethren in this ceremony.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master William M. Sardone, Grand Master of Masons of the State of New York, presented the Right Worshipful Christopher Winnicki with commission. He was assisted by the Deputy Grand Master Richard Kessler.

The Most Worshipful William J. Thomas, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted of New York, presented the apron and Right Worshipful Sheldon Richman, member of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085, presented Brother Winnicki with the jewel of his office.


Right Worshipful Christopher Winnicki with commission. From the left: R.·.W.·. Richard J.Kessler, Deputy Grand Master; R.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki; M.·.W.·. William M. Sardone, The Grand Master


Brother Christopher Winnicki; M.·.W.·. William J. Thomas (on the right with microphone)


Brother Christopher Winnicki and R.·.W.·. Sheldon Richman



Food and drinks served after the ceremony.


Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge : W.·. David Estes (DSA) and W.·. Derrick Komorowski




On June 20, 2018 Kosciuszko Lodge held the ceremony of installation for its officers, who were duly elected and appointed for the ensuing year. Installing Master of that evening was newly appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the First Manhattan District, our own R.·.W.·. Chris Winnicki.


From the left: Senior Warden Armen Arsenyan, Worshipful Master Sandy Quinones and Junior Warden Robert Castellano






The Dedicated Service Award is a form of recognition for Brothers and Past Masters who continue, year after year, to support their Lodges and their District with their presence, time and talent by attending Lodge and District meetings, and participating in degrees and programs. These are the Brothers who often inspire and motivate others to emulate their examples of true Masonic dedication.

This year the distinguished honor was bestowed upon our Lodge Treasurer Worshipful Janusz M. Krajnik. On April 18, 2018 Worshipful Master Michael Dervin, with the assistance of Past Masters, presented Brother Janusz Krajnik with the Dedicated Service Award commission, apron, medal and pin.


Treasurer Janusz Krajnik and Worshipful Master Michael Dervin


Very Worshipful Ronald Estes; Worshipful Janusz Krajnik (DSA); Worshipful David Estes (DSA)


Worshipful David Estes and Kosciuszko Lodge Treasurer Janusz Krajnik



The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York held the seventy third Annual Interfaith Breakfast on Sunday, March 4, 2018 at Marina del Rey, in the Bronx.  This year’s breakfast was attended by over seven hundred Masons and their families. Brother Clifton Truman Daniel was the keynote speaker who shared with the audience his personal stories about his grandfather Harry S. Truman, the thirty third president of the United States and the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Missouri.


Brother Clifton Truman Daniel



From left to right: R.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki, Grand Steward; R.·.W.·. William M. Sardone, Deputy Grand Master and Brother Clifton Truman Daniel


After the breakfast a few members of the Kosciuszko Lodge traditionally visited Blanche Walla, widow of Joseph Walla. Blanch Walla will soon celebrate her 95th birthday!!!




Kosciuszko Brother Gabriel Rincon was recently back in NY while on leave from the US Army to visit with family, friends and his Masonic Brothers. Bro. Rincon had recently moved to Florida and joined the army. His time in the army will bring him to places near and far, but he will always have a home with the Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge. Bro. Rincon plans on doing much of Masonic traveling as his time with the Army takes him on new and exciting journeys.


Bro. Gabriel Rincon in Kosciuszko Lodge on March 15, 2017.



On Sunday, March 7th 2017 members of the Kosciuszko Lodge traditionally visited Blanche Walla, widow of Joseph Walla who was an active member of the Lodge for over 50 years.


Standing from the left: Janusz Krajnik, Donald Mattson, Ron Estes, Chris Winnicki and David Estes with Blanche Walla in the middle.



Brothers of the Kosciuszko Lodge in holiday mood after the meeting that took place on December 21, 2016.


On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, Brother Christopher Winnicki, the Secretary of Kosciuszko Lodge for many years until this past June, was presented by the Master of the Lodge Worshipful David Estes (DSA) with the certificate of Secretary Emeritus.


R:.W:. Christopher Winnicki and Master of Kosciuszko Lodge Worshipful David Estes (DSA)


On the same night, immediate Past Master of Kosciuszko Lodge Right Worshipful Donald P. Mattson was presented with a Swiss Masonic pocket watch. This watch has on its face Masonic emblems and symbols instead of numbers. This was a token of appreciation for his service to the Lodge and to the Craft.


Past Master of Kosciuszko Lodge  No. 1085 Right Worshipful Donald P. Mattson (PDDGM) and Worshipful David Estes (DSA)


On this same night, a private ceremony of apron presentation also took place. Brother Erik LaMarca, Past Master of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 , was once again presented  by the Past Assistant Grand Lecturer of the Bronx District Ronald Estes with the Assistant Grand Lecturer Apron and Jewel.

Very Worshipful Brother Ron Estes was appointed last May as Senior Deacon of Kosciuszko Lodge.


(L-r). Very Worshipful Erik C. LaMarca and Very Worshipful Ronald Estes





First Manhattan District Apron Re-presentation and Polish Festive Board

September 29, 2016; Jacobean Room.


On Thursday, September 29, 2016 an apron presentation ceremony of the Grand Lodge officers of the First Manhattan District took place in a beautiful Jacobean Room on the 8th floor of the Masonic Hall on 23rd Street in Manhattan.


District team (l-r) V:.W:.  Francisco Nunez-Founder – Assistant Grand Lecturer; R:.W:. Christopher Winnicki – Grand Steward; R:.W:. Samuel Lloyd Kinsey – District Deputy Grand Master; V:.W:.  Emmanuel Callias – Assistant Grand Lecturer; V:.W:. Erik Cody LaMarca – Assistant Grand Lecturer.



This was a truly unique event. With the help of our Brethren from Poland, an original Polish Table Lodge ritual was translated into English, and it was the first time this ritual was presented to American Freemasons. The Master of Mariners Lodge No. 67 was the presiding officer, the Worshipful Master of Shakespeare Lodge No. 750 was sitting as Senior Warden, and the Master of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 was sitting as Junior Warden. One hundred and ten Brothers were in attendance! The catering was provided by the Amber Steakhouse from Greenpoint, and the Polish food provided by Brother Andrew Dyniszkiewicz was quite popular. Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge, wearing their white and red sashes, were very recognizable.




On November 18, 2015 Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 was officially visited by the District Deputy Grand Master of the 6th Manhattan District who delivered to the Brethren the Grand Master’s Message. This was the first oficial visit of the DDGM of the 6th Manhattan District since our Lodge transfer from the Bronx District to the 6th Manhattan District was approved by the Grand Lodge in May 2015.


Brothers of the Lodge with DDGM R.·.W.·. Mark Suckle in the middle.




On October 21, 2015 Brothers of the Kosciuszko Lodge conferred the Entered Apprentice degree upon four candidates. The degree lecture was beautifully delivered by V.·.W.·. Daniel Valez.


Brothers of the Lodge with our newest Masons in the middle.




On September 16, 2015 our Lodge resumed the regular work after two months long summer break. Worshipful Master Donald P. Mattson presented the immediate Past Master of the Kosciuszko Lodge, Worshipful Thomas Phillips, with the Past Master Apron and Jewel.


Worshipful Master Donald P. Mattson (on the left) presenting Past Master Apron to W.·. Thomas Phillips.




On June 17, 2015 Kosciuszko Lodge held the ceremony of installation for its officers, who were duly elected and appointed for the ensuing year. Installing Master of that evening was R.·.W.·. Samuel Lloyd Kinsey, custodian of the ritual in the Grand Lodge of NY. Right Worshipful Donald P. Mattson was installed as our first Master of the Lodge after Kosciuszko Lodge moved to the 6th Manhattan District.


From the left: Senior Warden David Estes, Worshipful Master Donald P. Mattson and Junior Warded Michael Dervin




On April 2, 2015 Shakespeare Lodge No. 750 and Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 had a joint third degree. In the beautiful Colonial Room on the 10th floor in the Grand Lodge Temple on 23rd Street in NYC, four Fellowcrafts of Kosciuszko Lodge and Shakespeare Lodge were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. That night we were honored by the visit of the Most Worshipful Grand Master William J. Thomas, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York.

After the degree Brothers had a chance to take few pictures.


First row; from left to right: Brother Moises Medina  and Robert Castellano, both were raised that night (Kosciuszko Lodge); Christian Castellano (shakespeare Lodge); Worshipful Erik LaMarca (Master of Shakespeare Lodge); The Most Worshipful William J. Thomas - Grand Master; Brother Naneen Christopher, Senior Warden of Shakespeare Lodge; Brother Olivier Vallez who was raised that night (Shakespeare Lodge);  Senior Deacon of Kosciuszko Lodge, Brother Michael Dervin and just raised Brother Christopher Gomez(Kosciuszko Lodge).




On March 8, 2015 a group of Brothers from Kosciuszko Lodge visited Blanche Walla. Her husband Joseph was an active member of our Lodge for over 50 years. Brother Mietko Rudek had a lot of fun when he examined the collection of sabers and swords collected by late Brother Walla.



On February 18, 2015 Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 was officially visited by the District Deputy Grand Master of the Bronx District who delivered to the Brethren the Grand Master’s Message. On the same night, Brothers of Kosciuszko conferred the second degree upon three Entered Apprentices.


In the first row from left to right: Brothers Moises Medina, Christopher Gomez, Robert Castellano, Christian Castellano, Gabriel Rincon, Worshipful Erik LaMarca, Right Worshipful Donald P. Mattson, Right Worshipful Leon Weinstein, Right Worshipful Sword Bearer Severo Diaz, Brother Michael Dervin, Sandy Quinones, Worshipful David Estes and Very Worshipful Daniel Valles. All the way in the back from the left to right: DDGM, Right Worshipful Marlon Thomas, Master of Kosciuszko Lodge Thomas Phillips, Very Worshipful Ronald Estes, Worshipful Janusz Krajnik, Brother Waldemar Polak and Worshipful Derick Komorowski



On Wednesday, December 17, 2014 three candidates were initiated in Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085. When the ritual of initiation was over, Worshipful Thomas Phillips presented the immediate Past Master of Kosciuszko Lodge, Worshipful Erik LaMarca, with the Past Master Apron and Jewel. .



Worshipful Phillips presented Worshipful LaMarca with the Past Master Apron. One of the brothers replaced a pair of white gloves in PM apron pocket with pack of Marlboro. Brother LaMarca is famous in the Lodge for his love to tobacco. .


Brother Waldemar Polak presented our immediate Past Master with the Past Master Jewel. Brother Polak designed and made this jewel for Worshipful LaMarca.


Brother Erik LaMarca with Past Master Apron.


On July 9, 2014, Most Worshipful Simon LaPlace, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Connecticut visited Ivanhoe Lodge #107 in Darien, CT to present Worshipful Brother Michael C. Jachimczyk with his commission as Grand Lodge Representative to the Grand Lodge of Argentina.  MWB LaPlace remarked that the commission was received almost immediately from the Grand Lodge of Argentina and he looks forward to continued fraternal relations with it.



Bro. Jachimczyk is a past master of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 and a member of both Scottish Rite and York Rite bodies in Connecticut.  He is also a member of the Civil War Lodge of Research No. 1865 (Grand Lodge of Virginia) and the Masonic Society.  He previously served as Grand Lodge Representative from Connecticut to the Grand Lodge of Parana in Brazil.  Parana has the largest population of individuals of Polish descent in Brazil.




Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.

Psalm 116:15

Our beloved Brother Right Worshipful Kasem Shaban laid down his working tools and joined the Great Architect of the Universe on Friday, March 14, 2014. He has been member of the Craft for fifty eight years, and he was one of the best ritualists we have ever had. May his soul rest in everlasting peace.


On June 19, 2013 Kosciuszko Lodge held the ceremony of installation for its officers, who were duly elected and appointed for the ensuing year.

Our Lodge room was full of visiting brethren and guests.  There were representatives of Shriners, Grotto and other Masonic bodies. Among the distinctive guest were the Most Worshipful Honorary Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Lodge of New York – Daniel Semel and Past Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of New York R.·.W.·. Luis Jueres.

Installing Master of that evening was V.·.W.·. Samuel Lloyd Kinsey.

Here are some pictures from the installation:


Obligation of the Worshipful Master.


First speach of Eric Lamarca as W.M..


Senior Warden.


Junior Warden.










Masters of Ceremony.






Eric Lamarca with some of his officers.


On Wednesday, April 17, 2013 five Fellowcrafts from the Bronx District were raised to sublime degree of Master Mason. Two Brothers from Kosciuszko Lodge, one from Hebron, one from Pelham Lodge and one from Wyoming. The French Doric Room on the 10th floor of the Grand Lodge Temple was full. Brethren from the Bronx and the Sixth Manhattan District attended this event in a great number.


Kosciuszko Lodge after Degree.



Five newly raised Master Masons.



On Wednesday, November 14, 2012, Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 hosted apron and jewel re-presentation ceremony for our secretary, Right Worshipful Christopher Winnicki. R.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki was appointed in May as the Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of New York by the Most Worshipful James E. Sullivan, Grand Master of Masons in New York.


The commission was presented to Brother Winnicki by the Deputy Grand Master William J. Thomas, the Grand Steward’s apron by The Most Worshipful Daniel Semel, Honorary Past Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Lodge, and the jewel by Right Worshipful Sheldon Richman.


Picture taken after re-presentation of the commission by Deputy Grand Master.



The apron was presented by The Most Worshipful Honorary Past Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Lodge.



Jewel re-presentation.






On Sunday, March 4th 2012 members of the Kosciuszko Lodge visited Blanche Walla, widow of Joseph Walla who was an active member of the Lodge for over 50 years.

From the left side of the picture: Treasurer Janusz Krajnik, Junior Warden Erik LaMarca, Blanche Walla, Secretary Krzysztof Winnicki, Worshipful Master Dariusz Komorowski and Tiler Mieczysław Rudek.




On Wednesday, January 11, 2011, Brothers of the Kosciuszko Lodge visited Ivanhoe No. 107 – Grand Lodge of Connecticut. Worshipful Michael Jachimczyk, our Past Master is a member of Ivanhoe Lodge. On that night, Ivanhoe Lodge No. 107 initiated a few candidates. After the meeting Brothers of both lodges discussed differences and similarities of the rituals of both jurisdictions. From left to right in the first row: Treasurer of Kosciuszko Lodge, Worshipful Janusz Krajnik; Worshipful Michael Jachimczyk; Master of Ivanhoe Lodge No. 107 Jose Zoffoli; Master of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 Derrick Komorowski. The second row from left to right: Brother Waldemar Polak and Secretary of Kosciuszko Lodge Christopher Winnicki.




From our Senior Warden Steven Shaw.

This past April, Brothers Edward Miller, Thomas Phillips and myself travelled to Lexington, KY.  As I usually do when I travel somewhere, I looked to see if there were any Lodges near where we were staying and if they were having any functions while we would be in town.  As it turned out, Lexington Lodge #1 was meeting while we were in KY.

This turned out to be better than we originally thought.  Lexington Lodge #1 was founded by Gen. Richard Anderson, who served under George Washington, and was a close friend of Casimir Pulaski.  They were so close, in fact, that on his deathbed, General Pulaski gave his sword to Anderson.  This was a great story to tell our Brothers from KY.

Their meeting was to be a proficiency exam for a number of Fellowcrafts.  Upon arrival we were greeting by the Brothers I had been in contact with.  We were given a tour of their Lodge building which was only a few years old.  After an examination and a swearing of the Tyler’s Oath, we joined the Brothers for some fellowship and a good meal.

The meeting was very similar to ours, with a few notable differences.  Kentucky Lodges use Warden pillars to signify times of Labor and Refreshment.  When the Lodge is at Labor, and the SW has control of the Lodge, his pillar is up and the JW pillar is down.  When the Lodge is at Refreshment, the JW pillar is erect and the SW pillar is down.  The sign of fidelity is the sign of the degree on which they are open.  Lastly, and most interestingly, they had to open and close before moving to any lower degree.  We were recognized by the WM and brought greetings from Kosciuszko Lodge and our WM, and presented their WM with a Bronx District pin.  We also gave an open invitation to come visit us in NY.

While at the meeting we met Ret. Col. Howard McKenzie who is the Guest Services Manager of Keeneland Racetrack.  Keeneland is one of the more popular racetracks in the area that hosts a yearly horse sale which attracts people from all over the world.  Bro. McKenzie was kind enough to give us a great tour of the facility the following day.

Bro. Edward Miller, WM Cameron Poe, Bro. Thomas Phillips, Bro. Steven Shaw




The installation of the Kosciuszko Lodge officers on Wednesday, June 15, 2011. From let to right: Brother Erik LaMarca – Junior Warden; Worshipful Master Derrick Komorowski and Senior Warden Steven Shaw.


Picture taken after installation of the Lodge Officers.



At the last stated communication of Kosciuszko Lodge (January 19, 2011) the members and visiting Brethren were treated to a lecture about the Lodge’s namesake, Gen. Tadeusz Kosciuszko, given by Senior Deacon Erik LaMarca.  Inspired by a new biography on General Kosciuszko, The Peasant Prince by Alex Storozynski, Erik presented an abridged look into the life of this Polish and American hero.  The discussion was insightful, inspiring and shed Light on one of the major players in both Polish and American history proving that Kosciuszko is more than just a name on a bridge.


Erik led the Lodge room on a journey from Kosciuszko’s birth and upbringing, his rise in the Polish Army and his role in American history.  The condensed look into this amazing character is filled with interactions between Kosciuszko and some of the most notable names in history; Napoleon, Catherine the Great, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Benedict Arnold and Thomas Jefferson to name a few.  More important than Kosciuszko’s brushes with history was his true belief in the freedom of all people.  He lived his live by his motto, “For your freedom and ours,” as he fought for the rights of Polish Serfs and American Slaves.



Special thanks to Bro. LaMarca for his engaging lecture on our namesake, Gen Tadeusz Kosciuszko.



On May 7, 2010, the Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge 1085 attended a Table Lodge organized by Trenton Cyrus Lodge No. 5 of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.

The Brothers of Trenton Cyrus Lodge have an excellently equipped kitchen, and so everyone was treated to Polish cuisine – from stuffed cabbage through Russian pierogies to fruit-filled pastries called “pączki”. Seven Polish courses were interlaced with traditional Masonic toasts. In addition to Brothers from New Jersey and Kosciuszko, guests from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania were also in attendance. The Table Lodge program was printed in two languages. The main speaker for the evening was the secretary of Kosciuszko Lodge, Brother Christopher Winnicki, who delivered a lecture on the history of Polish Freemasonry. Brother Walter Stepek of Trenton Cyrus Lodge No. 5 was the chief organizer of this fabulous evening.


Brothers from Kosciuszko and Trenton Cyrus Lodge No. 5. Brother Walter Stepek in the middle.



Let there be Light

On Wednesday, April 21, 2010, two candidates were initiated at Kosciuszko Lodge: Jonathan Raboy and Michael Byrd obtained the First Degree. Kosciuszko Lodge was honored by the presence of Masonic dignitaries and invited Brothers from the Bronx, as well as from Shakespeare Lodge No. 750. V..W.. Christopher Winnicki sat in the East and conferred the First Degree. Brother Gilbert Ferrer from Shakespeare lodge impressed everyone with his historical lecture on the basis and principles of Freemasonry. The ritual of the first Degree was musically enriched by the former Master of Kosciuszko Lodge, Jan J. Wnek, who was at the organ.


Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge in a souvenir photo. Wearing the apron of the Master of the Lodge in the first row is Christopher Winnicki, on his right Michael Byrd and Jonathan Raboy on his left.


We, the Brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 extend our condolences to our Masonic and non-Masonic brothers and sisters in Poland on the terrible loss they endured on April 10, 2010 with the loss of so many dignitaries from numerous sectors of Polish society in the air disaster in Smolensk, Russia. Our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to the relatives and friends of all those who perished in this catastrophe. May the compassionate hand of the Grand Architect of the Universe rest over all the victims, both living and deceased, of this tragedy. So mote it be.



            At its March 17, 2010 Communication, Kosciuszko Lodge raised three of its Fellowcrafts to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Presiding as Worshipful Master at the conferral, which included traditional Masonic music, was our secretary, V.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki, with the assistance of Brothers from Manhattan 6th District's Shakespeare Lodge, fellow Bronx District lodges and our own lodge Brothers. We congratulate Brothers Edward Miller, Thomas Phillips and Gontung Yuen on their achievement and look forward to their fruitful participation in the Masonic vineyard.



            On November 18, 2009, two Brothers - Gontung Yuen and Edward Miller - were passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft. The degree team was led by V.·.W.·. Chris Winnicki as a conferring Master, with Bro. Derrick Komorowski sitting in the West and W.·. Janusz Krajnik in the South. Bro. Steven Shaw was working as a Senior Deacon. R.·.W.·. Kass Shaban enchanted us all with the beautiful presentation of the Middle Chamber Lecture.


Photo: the degree team with both Fellowcrafts.


Brother Phillip Jay Selikoff called to the Grand Lodge on High.

After yearlong battle with cancer R.·.W.·.Phillip Selikoff passed away on Thursday, July 09, 2009 in Calvary Hospital in the Bronx. Brother Selikoff was initiated, passed and raised in Samaritan-Eternal Lodge No.1035. He was affiliated with Kosciuszko Lodge No.1085 and Huguenot Lodge No.65. In 2006 he was appointed and served as Grand Steward until 2008. In 2008 he was elected for the second time as Worshipful Master of Samaritan-Eternal Lodge No.1035. Right Worshipful Phillip Selikoff was very active in the Craft and very dedicated to Kosciuszko Lodge. May his soul rest in everlasting peace.



April 21, 2009 was a historic day in the annals of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085 as Bro. Gontung Yuen, born in Canton, China, was initiated as the first Chinese Entered Apprentice in a Polish Lodge.


Photo: officers of Kosciuszko Lodge who participated in the initiation ritual.  Bro. Gontung Yuen is in the middle, with the current Master of the Lodge - W.·. Michael C. Jachimczyk on the left , behind our newly initiated Brother.



Kosciuszko Lodge’s March 18th Communication was witness to the raising of four Fellowcrafts to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Brothers John Kosinski and Steven Shaw of Kosciuszko Lodge and Brothers Naneen Christopher and Erik LaMarca of Shakespeare Lodge No. 750


We were honored to have present with us R.·.W.·.Arnold Auerbach, Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York and R.·.W.·.Leo Weinstein, who, in addition to participating in the third degree ritual, was presented with a “together we build” pin for his many years of faithful assistance and service to Kosciuszko Lodge.  We were particularly elated to have R.·.W.·.Philip Selikoff with us that evening.  Bro. Selikoff has been receiving treatments for cancer in recent months and this was his first opportunity to come to our Lodge in quite a while.  We were happy to see that he is responding positively to the treatments and continue to pray for his full recovery. 


At the close of the Third Degree ritual, Kosciuszko Lodge presented the Hiramic Legend in its entirety with the participation of Lodge and visiting Brethren – a fitting close to a momentous occasion.


We extend our deepest appreciation to all those who were present and participated in the degree work, and we wish our newly raised brothers many years of fruitful labor in the Masonic vineyard. 



With great pleasure we are informing that on December 6, 2008, Kosciuszko Lodge affiliated member, Brother Andrew Filipek was elected and installed as Worshipful Master of Fairfax Lodge No. 556, Grand Lodge of California.

We send him our best wishes for the ensuing year. Knowing his dedication to the Craft, we are all sure, that Fairfax Lodge No. 556 is in the best possible hands and has a very good year ahead.

Below is his speech which he gave upon his installation:


It is my honor to accept your election as a Master of Fairfax Lodge No. 556, as the first, in history, Polish born Master of the Lodge in the Western USA.

In this historical moment, celebrating 100 years of the City of Larkspur, and 85 years anniversary of Fairfax Lodge No. 556, we are now entering the new chapter in our Lodge history.

We have assembled this year, one of the youngest and the most international lines of officers in California, and perhaps in the country. 45% of our officers were born outside of the USA, just like 200 years ago. I would like to congratulate my elected and nominated officers form the bottom of my heart. I promise to serve this Lodge and support you and your desire to progress.

Freemasonry is the most progressive science, playing undisputable important role in American and global history. We are a philantrophian organization, supporting children health, education and social advancement. Nothing and no one can stop this progress.

As we are now entering the New World Order, danced global structures, international cooperation and unity, and more countries achieving their independence from totalitarian governments, Freemasonry is now operating freely in more countries than ever before.

The collapse of communism and the end of dictatorship in Iraq and Afghanistan has restored Masonic movements in these countries. The global trend for freedom and democracy is now unstoppable, and the end of dictatorships and totalitarian governments is near.

Freemasonry was restored in Poland in 1991 after being banned for 51 years. As a Polish born Freemason, I am extremely pleased to have the honor of presiding over Fairfax Lodge No. 556. I look forward to work with you and Brothers from San Rafael, MILL Valley, Sonoma, Sebastopol, San Francsico, New York (Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085), Paris, London, Edinburgh, Warsaw and Krakow, to advance our progress for the benefit of each lodge in particular, an the Freemasonry in general.

Our 2009 motto: “Unity I progress.” Let’s make the 2009, the best Masonic year ever.

Andrew D. Filipek

Worshipful Master


W.·. Andrew Filipek (on the left) during his Installation







It is with great sadness that we received word of the passing of our Brother, Joseph E. Walla, on October 19, 2008 after a prolonged illness. A member in good standing of Kosciusko Lodge for over 50 years, Bro. Walla faithfully supported his mother lodge and the Masonic fraternity despite his infirmities in recent years.  A veteran of World War II, Bro. Walla enlisted in the Merchant Marine as a twenty year-old, shortly after Pearl Harbor. As a member of the rapidly dwindling "greatest generation", he had many recollections to share with visiting Brothers regarding his convoy duty service in the north Atlantic. Brother Walla leaves behind his beloved wife of over 64 years, Bronislawa ("Blanche") who was a pillar of love and strength to him and lovingly ministered to him during his illness. Internment took place at the Veteran's Cemetery in Calverton, Long Island, with a Coast Guard honor guard and a Masonic brother and friend in attendance. Mrs. Walla placed the glass paperweight from the Grand Lodge Brotherhood fund in Bro. Walla's casket.  All Brothers are encouraged to make contributions to the  Brotherhood fund in Brother Walla's memory.  May he and all our departed Brothers rest in peace in the loving arms of the Great Architect of the Universe.



Born:  December 4, 1921

Initiated:  February 15,1957

Passed:  March 15, 1957

Raised:  October15, 1957

At rest:  October 19, 2008






On October 19th, 2008, Shakespeare Lodge No.750, the Mother Lodge of Christopher Winnicki, secretary of Kosciuszko Lodge, presented him with the apron and jewel of Assisant Grand Lecturer for the Sixth Manhattan District of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. The Grand Lecturer and his assistants are responsible for seeing to it that the ritual work of the Lodges is done properly. We congratulate V.·.W.·. Christopher Winnicki on his appointment by the Grand Master and wish him fruitful labor in the coming year.







On June 18th, 2008, the newly-elected Master of Kosciuszko Lodge No.1085, W.·. Michael Jachimczyk presented the outgoing Master, W.·. Janusz Krajnik with the apron and jewel of Past Master. The Past Master apron originally belonged to W.·. Henry Piencinski, who was Master of our Lodge in 1952-53. In this way, the wishes of our late Brother Henry were fulfilled, because he hoped to present his apron personally to Janusz Krajnik. Unfortunately, the Great Architect of the Universe called Bro. Henry to his bosom before this could be done.








At the December 19th communication, Kosciuszko Lodge’s new Bible was placed on the altar for the first time. The original Lodge Bible, from 1927, was re-leathered and restored about ten years ago, but the Lodge didn’t enjoy the fruits of that effort for very long. During the move to our current Lodge Room, the Bible was lost under circumstances, which, to this day, are not clear. The replacement Bible that was used dated from 1901 and was understood to be temporary until such time as the original Bible would be found.

Several weeks ago a Masonic Altar Bible from 1931 appeared at auction on e-Bay. A picture and description of it attested to the fact that the Bible was in excellent condition, with leather-bound wood end covers, gilded edging, many illustrations, definitions of Masonic terms as well as a historical outline of Freemasonry. In short, this was probably as close as one could come to having a reproduction of the original Kosciuszko Lodge Bible of eighty years ago.

Because time was of the essence, it was not possible to have a discussion with the Brethren as to how much should be offered for the Bible, so our Master and Secretary took it upon themselves to bid for it.

Happily, they were able to win at auction and at the December communication the new Bible – the Great Light in Freemasonry – shone for the first time on our altar.





Brothers Mark Bochen and Mieczyslaw Rudek took it upon themselves to reimburse the Lodge treasury for the purchase price of the new Bible. This is yet another instance of our Brothers’ generosity in financial assistance to the Lodge and we are very grateful to them.

After perusing through the initial pages of the Bible, it was discovered that this Bible was given as a Christmas present in 1938 - by his parents - to Bro. Artur Robert Poleski !!! And so, history had come full circle in sixty-nine years. A Bible, which formerly was the possession of a Polish Freemason, was placed on the altar of the oldest Polish Lodge in the world.








Kosciuszko Lodge No.1085 held its November 28th Communication in the beautiful Gothic Room of Grand Lodge on 23rd Street. The main order of business was the conferral of the Fellowcraft degree on three Brothers, two of whom are members of Kosciuszko Lodge: Bro. Waldemar Polak and Bro. John Wroblewski. Bro. Michael Grenadier of Samaritan-Eternal Lodge was also advanced to the 2nd degree that evening.


We are grateful to all brothers who participated in making this a memorable ritual:

R.·.W.·. Philip J. Selikoff, Grand Steward, who, as Master, conferred the degree; R.·.W.·. Joseph Zimmerman, who presented the working tools and acted as conductor, along with Bro. Paul Silva and R.·.W.·. Duncan Stalker, DDGM of 2nd Westchester/Putnam district; R.·.W.·. Kenneth J. Fischer, who delivered an outstanding Middle Chamber Lecture; Bro. Thomas Mueller and W.·. Wayne Wyatt who acted as Masters of Ceremony; R.·.W.·. Arnold Auerbach, who served as prompter; W.·. Christopher Winnicki, who was Senior Warden in place of the ailing W.·. Pawel Bednarek and presented the Questions and Answers together with W.·. Janusz Krajnik, who also served as Senior Deacon; Bro. Michael Jachimczyk who fulfilled the station of Junior Warden; Bro: Mark Bochen who acted as Marshal; W.·. Andrew Podbielski, Chaplain; Bro. Derrick Komorowski, who worked as Tyler; and W.·. Jan Jozef Wnek, who provided the music for the ritual and delivered the Charge.

We were also happy to have with us R.·.W.·. Kasem Shaban and our affiliate member from the San Francisco bay area of California, Bro. Andrew Filipek, who was visiting our Lodge for the first time.


Following the closing of the Lodge, many of the brothers repaired to a local eatery for a fine collation and some fraternal socializing.


We congratulate our three Brothers on their advancement to Fellowcraft and wish them well as they continue to seek “more light in Masonry.”








History was made on Thursday, March 22, 2007 as American Revolutionary War generals Tadeusz Kosciuszko and George Washington met once again, Masonically speaking! Accepting an invitation from the Master of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No.22 in Alexandria, Virginia, W.·. Robert G. Watkins Jr., which was facilitated through the efforts of R.·.W.·. Sheldon Richman, who is a member of both our Lodge and Alexandria-Washington No.22, our Master, W.·. Janusz Krajnik arrived with a delegation from Kosciuszko Lodge No.1085 consisting of R.·.W.·. Phillip Selikoff, Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of the State of New York Free and Accepted Masons and an honorary member of Kosciuszko Lodge, Secretary W.·. Christopher Winnicki and Chaplain W.·. Jan Józef Wnek. After a brief tour of the magnificent George Washington Masonic National Monument, which is the seat of both Alexandria-Washington Lodge No.22 and Andrew Jackson Lodge, the Brothers of Kosciuszko took a short walking tour of old Alexandria. The well-preserved 18th and 19th-century buildings were most impressive.  Following collation, which included Polish "goodies" brought by the Brothers from New York, Alexandria-Washington's stated communication took place, which featured a presentation on the recently expanded website of the Grand Lodge of Virginia. 

A wonderful time was had by all, and the Brothers of Alexandria-Washington Lodge were invited by our Master to pay us a visit if they should be in the New York area.




From left to right: R.·.W.·. Sheldon B. Richman, R.·.W.·. Phillip Selikoff – Grand Steward, W.·. Robert George Watkins Jr. - Master of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, W.·. Janusz J. Krajnik – Master of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085, W.·. Christopher Winnicki – Secretary of Kosciuszko Lodge, W.·. Jan. J. Wnek - Chaplain and immediate Past Master of Kosciuszko Lodge




It is with profound sorrow that we, the Brethren of Kosciuszko Lodge No. 1085, announce the passing of our beloved Brother, W.·.Henry Piencinski D.S.A., to the great Celestial Lodge on February 27, 2007, his 89th birthday, after a series of health-related complications.

W.·.Bro. Piencinski was a graduate of Brooklyn Tech and the Pratt Institute, with a certificate in electrical engineering, and worked for the federal government as an employee of OSHA. He and his late wife Sophie, were both active musicians - Henry played the violin and Sophie was a professional pianist and teacher. The two were also avid bowlers.

A veteran of the U.S. Army in World War Two, W..Bro. Piencinski was initiated in Kosciuszko Lodge on November 11, 1946, passed on February 2, 1947 and raised on April 23, 1947. W.·.Bro. Piencinski was elected Master in 1953. As a Brother who was completely dedicated to his mother lodge, W.·.Bro. Piencinski had, for many years, until his recent hospitalization, served as the treasurer of Kosciuszko Lodge and was responsible, both administratively and by his financial contributions, for guiding the lodge to safety in times of "stormy weather". For this, the brothers of Kosciuszko Lodge will always be grateful. Last year, W.·.Bro. Piencinski was the 2006 recipient of the Dedicated Service Award, which was presented to him by then-DDGM, R.·.W.·.Joseph Zimmerman for 59 years of dedicated service to his Lodge and to Masonry.

A Masonic service was held on Sunday, March 4th, at Gleason's Funeral Home in Bayside, NY with Brothers from Kosciuszko Lodge as well as other Bronx District lodges present. Internment took place on March 5th at the military cemetery in Calverton, Long Island.



On January 14th, 2007 W.·. Janusz Krajnik and W.·. Christopher Winnicki visited Bro. Joseph Walla at his home in Brentwood, Long Island and presented him with the newly-issued 50-year medal from the Grand Lodge of the State of New York. Bro. Walla, who was always a very active member of Kosciuszko Lodge until his hospitalization, which required the amputation of one of his legs, is now recuperating at home while awaiting a prosthesis. Our Master and Secretary also had the pleasure of meeting Bro. Walla's Lady, Bronislawa ("Blanche"), who has been his "better half" for 63 years and lovingly takes care of him. Brother Walla, who celebrated his 20th birthday just 3 days before Pearl Harbor and shortly thereafter enlisted in the Merchant Marine, served on convoy duty in the Atlantic. As a member of "the greatest generation", he had many interesting anecdotes and stories to share related to his service during World War II. We extend our congratulations and best wishes to Bro. Walla and his wife.





During our November (2006) Communication we conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on our Brother Marcio Diniz. Congatulations to Marcio and the whole degree team which, under the leadership of W.·. Chris Winnicki, did a fantastic job that night. We had the pleasure of enjoying a very poetic and beautiful rendition of the Middle Chamber Lecture given by our guest R.·.W.·. Cass Shaban.


Congratulations once again to all participants in the Degree work. This was really a great and proud moment for our Lodge.


During our October (2006) communication we presented W.·. Jan Wnek with the apron and jewel of Past Master as a token of our appreciation for the great job he did last year guiding our Lodge to a better future. That whole night practically belonged to W.·. Jan Wnek who entertained us with his presentation: “Masonry and music – celebrating 250th birthday of W.A. Mozart”. We heard stories about Mozart and times he lived in, listened to the music written by him for many Lodge functions and events. Our presenter didn’t even have a chance to include the famous opera “Magic Flute” in his lecture. He promised to dedicate the second part of his presentation exclusively to “Magic Flute”. This will take place most likely during one of our early spring meetings. Thank you Brother.



During our September (2006) communication we participated in the “In-Lodge Rededication Program”. We all renewed our obligations for each Degree to return all of us to that spirit of dedication, which stirred us all when we first took our Degrees.

The ceremony was made even more special by the presence of the few guests from the Bronx District, including District Deputy Grand Master R.·.W.·. Efrain Hernandez, Vice-President of the District Masters and Past Masters Association R.·.W.·. Leon Weinstein and, as usual – and ever faithful to Kosciuszko, our honorary member R.·.W.·. Philip Selikoff. Thank you Brothers for being with us that night.



On September 10, 2006 the Bronx District held the Interfaith Service at the Woodlawn Chapel in Woodlawn Cemetery. This interfaith service, 9/11 memorial and the flag presentation was one of the highlights of the Grand Lodge’s 225th anniversary celebration. Our Lodge was represented by W.·. Chris Winnicki and W.·. Janusz Krajnik. R.·.W.·. Philip Selikoff was the chairman of the event.








We had a wonderful evening on June 21, 2006. Many thanks to all Brothers who came to the Lodge and made this meeting so special.

In the first part, the Past DDGM of the Bronx District R.·.W.·. Joseph Zimmerman presented our W.·. Henry Piencinski (on the right) with the apron, certificate and pin of the Dedicated Service Award (DSA).





W.·. Piencinski was raised on April 27, 1947.  He served as the Master of the Kosciuszko Lodge for the first time in 1953 and for the past few years has been the Treasurer.

Congratulations Bro. Piencinski from all the Brothers of the Lodge!


In the second part of the evening we had the Installation of the Officers. It was a real treat and pleasure to watch R.·.W.·. Philip Selikoff and R.·.W.·. Sheldon Richman conduct the ritual. They not only worked great together but also entertained us with their wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for a fantastic display of Masonic work.






A historical event took place in our Lodge during our last April (2006) communication. For the first time in the history of our Lodge we had a honor and pleasure of hosting the Master of the Kopernik Lodge from Paris (National Grand Lodge of France), a Polish lodge in France, W.·. Tomasz Pieniążek. Our distinguished guest took even part in the First Degree Ritual.



Standing from the left: Bro. Marek Bochen, S.W. Janusz Krajnik, W.M. Jan J. Wnęk, Treasurer Henry Piencinski, just initiated Entered Apprentice Marcio J. Diniz, Master of the Kopernik Lodge Tomasz Pieniążek, Secretary Christopher Winnicki and J.W. Paweł Bednarek.

W.·. Henry Piencinski is wearing his Past Master’s apron, which he received in 1954.


On March 13th, W.·. Jan Józef Wnęk and W.·. Christopher Winnicki had the great pleasure of visiting Bro. Joseph Walla, who is recuperating from surgery at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Northport, NY, and presenting him with a 50-year certificate and pin. Bro. Walla, a veteran of the Merchant Marine in World War II, who celebrated his 20th birthday just three days before Pearl Harbor and enlisted shortly thereafter, served on convoy duty in the Atlantic. He related many interesting stories and anecdotes regarding this period in the course of the visit.  We wish Bro. Walla a speedy recovery and return home. Hopefully, we will soon see him at one of our upcoming communications. Godspeed, Bro. Walla!